The Restore Programme allows us to work on the specific areas where you would like some help. 

You may have noticed changes in yourself as you go through the peri-menopause, or since you have been through the menopause.  Whilst you are aware you are changing, or have changed, you are finding it difficult to get back to the old you by yourself.  You may be “stuck” in  particular loops of behaviour, and feel you need someone else to help you get back to feeling more like the “old you”.

Also studies have shown that women who experienced trauma (physical, emotional, financial instability) in their past are sometimes more likely to have worse menopausal symptoms than women who haven’t.  If you have tried other things to help you with your menopause and they have not worked, then let me help you.

I use  a combination of hypnotherapy and NLP (neuro linguistic programming) techniques, and have discovered that many of the issues presented to me are reduced and/or eliminated after clients have completed this programme.

There is an initial comprehensive questionnaire and then one 90 minute consultation and two 60 minute sessions. 

You will also receive an audio recording of your own personalised hypnotic meditation which you can use to help reinforce the learnings.

” I found the programme amazing, it was easy, Shirley led me all the way. Everyone should do this, it’s a life changing experience!”

Once you have booked you will be contacted to arrange an appointment time.

If you have any questions or to find out more, then please get in touch.